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About Us

U.S. Embassy Lome

The United States and Togo have enjoyed good relations since its independence.  The U.S. hosts several educational and cultural programs in Togo.  Each year, Togolese students, scholars, political and business leaders and civil society members visit the United States as part of the International Visitors Leadership Program and the Fulbright and Humphrey programs.  The University of Lome co-hosts a very active American Corner and local students participate in the English Access MicroScholarship Program.

The Government of Togo, with the support of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), established an export processing zone (EPZ) in Togo in 1989. The zone has attracted private investors interested in manufacturing, assembly, and food processing, primarily for the export market. Peace Corps began its work in Togo in 1962, which since that time has hosted more than 2,200 Peace Corps Volunteers. Currently there are 114 Volunteers serving in Togo. Volunteers have a successful history of collaboration and involvement with the Togolese people at all levels. Their efforts build upon counterpart relationships and emphasize low-cost solutions that make maximum use of local resources. Partnering with local and international organizations is an important component of Volunteer project activities. Volunteers work to promote self-sufficiency in the areas of small business development, education, environment, and health. All Volunteers, regardless of sector, are trained in how to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

The U.S. Embassy is located on Boulevard Eyadema, Lomé. The telephone number is (country code: 228) 2261-5470 or 2261-5471 or 2261-5472 or 2261-5473. The local mailing  address is B.P. 852, Lomé, Togo.